FlowerRacket® is a packing which combines a longer life in the vase with a reduced number of gerbera’s per packing, a great advantage for shopkeepers. Gerbera’s live longer due to the fact that in the FlowerRacket® are transported on water from the grower to the consumer instead of in a dry box.

The gerbera’s are grown, harvested, packed and placed on water with the utmost care by top gerbera growers when they come to you. So fresh as if just picked by the grower.

All advantages lined up

The advantages of FlowerRacket®:

  • Increases freshness trough transport on water
  • Protective packaging, no more damaging of flowers
  • Attractive mix per bucket or order
  • Small amount of flowers per colour
  • Easy to carry
  • Sell it directly to the consumer


Our available varieties in packaging:

  • FlowerRacket® : contains 4  FlowerRacket® x 10 gerbera
  • Mini FlowerRacket® : contains 10 FlowerRacket® x 10 gerbera mini
  • Mini FlowerRacket®/20 : contains 4 FlowerRacket® x 20 gerbera mini
  • FlowerRacket® is also available in both re-usable (auction) and disposable packaging.

All FlowerRacket® is available in the colors black (one side printing), brown, light green, light blue, pink (two side printing).

Ask your supplier!!!

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For ordering FlowerRacket®

Hoekhuis Bloemgroep
Mr. William Heijl
Phone: +31 (0)174 – 641 388
Fax: 020 – 2581293
Email: verkoop@flowerracket.nl

For further information

FlowerRacket BV
Mr. Huub Welles
Phone: +31(0)6 – 838 102 81
Email: info@flowerracket.nl


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